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We are "Centerlink".

What makes us"

Centerlink is a young company founded in 2018. In order to serve 2 distinct regions, we separated our EMEA and Far East operations. Turkey “Istanbul” office mainly focuses on international trade, tourism and consultancy and Far East operation focuses on production and international trade. Our Far East branch company name is called Yantai Shuanglong Industry and Trade Co..

Centerlink surfaced itself as an idea in 2012 in Sydney. A company that distinguish itself as importer and a developer of its suppliers. This is why we see Centerlink as a product of history. Way before its foundation the whole idea simply came to reality instead developed after.

Our main aim is to improve our suppliers and increase their capability to compete overseas so that we increase our supplier base for our sales channels. Centerlink is not a middleman firm. All our sales channels are organic.

Value Creation

Every successful business creates something of value. The world is full of opportunities to make other people’s lives better in some way, and our job as your partner is to identify things that Chinese market do not have enough of, then find a way to provide it.

Business Ethics

Acting with integrity has always been, and always will be, fundamental to how we operate. It protects our people, our company and our clients, improves our business performance and differentiates us in the marketplace.


We are clear that there is only one way to work together - we have to be objective and genuine. We never mislead any of our supplier for any reason. We provide them clear instructions and always provide feedbacks.


We are respectful and considerate of our suppliers, competitors, and our colleagues. All opinions matter and all feedbacks are welcomed. It is not possible to build long lasting relations between all stakeholders without respect and consideration.

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