Direct support is a part-time, non-operational support service that resembles outsourcing a high performer to execute specific tasks in your organization.

What is Direct Support?

Direct support provides or extends non-operation support services. This service focuses on routine task like all routine HR functions (not including payroll processes). Organizations benefit with new minds that will help discover unique ways of working and provide an overall enriching environment. Our consultant will join your team to execute tasks alongside each member. This service expedites the know-how transfer in comparison to alternatives. However, this option is not suited for projects. Due to the nature of the service, more time is spent than the other services so we offer limited availability. Currently, no more than 2 spots are open. Please check the FAQ section for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Benefits of this programme

    1) Routines tasks will be executed effectively
    2) Routines tasks will be improved to world class standards
    3) All HR functions are available
    4) Saves you from hiring a person
    5) Low risk and high reward by working a professional
    6) Your policies are followed strictly
    7) A ‘yes we can’ attitude will influence your organization’s progress
    8) Can save company losing time by inefficient services.

  • Will it suit my organization ?

    Direct support is needed by every company to grow further so there is no restriction on this service. Most of the multinational corporations are using this service already to integrate branches via our professionals. We are greatly welcome all startups to try our direct support service.

    What is not suited?
    Projects that require 5 days per week,
    Legal integration, radical policy changes,
    Operational Support (Marketing, Sales, Logistics etc)
    Physical presence outside of Istanbul or EMEA region.

  • What are your qualifications ?

    Our company guarantees nothing but the best service. It is essential that background and qualification suit the given job. This is the full and necessary requirement of our operation. All our consultants join our team from the private, and specifically from the service industry, where competition is fierce.

  • Pricing and payment

    While our plans can be ordered online, we offer alternative traditional payments such as EFT and SWIFT. We charge based on the work we provide, and our transparency policy ensures that we will display all the necessary, specific information that your job entails. Please visit our Legal Page for more details on this.

  • Need more information ?

    We are here to answer your comments, questions, or to clarify any details of our services. Simply send us an email or use the form on our contact page.

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