"Here and Now" is an HR and business development in-demand service that enables you to access information as fast as possible via online payment.

What is Here and Now?

Here and now is a fast-paced, non-operational support service for organizations that need clear answers quickly. We cover all areas of HR and business development field except legal matters of any-kind. We will further extend this service to provide anonymity to those requesting by accepting cryptocurrencies. Organizations and individuals who need simple answers without major involvement fully of new age and/or traditional consultancy will enjoy all the benefits this service offers. We understand that both start-ups and big firms can encounter issues that are difficult to resolve. We are here to help.

You will be contacted in 24 hours and, with the exception of multi-discipline involvement, you can expect our service to be delivered within a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Benefits of this programme

    1) All communication channels will be open for you.
    2) We offer alternative views
    3) We conduct valuable research
    4) A very fast turnaround
    5) You can stay anonymous (pending)
    6) Your policies are followed strictly

  • Will it suit my organization ?

    Here and now is a unique programme that will benefit all kinds of organizations. We believe this chapter of our business will grow in time and become our main operations. However, this is in our future plans. If you are in need of an answer from a professional, we are here for you.

    What is it not suited for?
    Lack of data available,
    Your issue is not specific,
    Illegal or in violation of the current Turkish labour law.

  • What are your qualifications ?

    Our company guarantees nothing but the best service. It is essential that background and qualification suit the given job. This is the full and necessary requirement of our operation. All our consultants join our team from the private, and specifically from the service industry, where competition is fierce.

  • Pricing and payment

    While our plans can be ordered online, we offer alternative traditional payments such as EFT and SWIFT. We charge based on the work we provide, and our transparency policy ensures that we will display all the necessary, specific information that your job entails. Please visit our Legal Page for more details on this.

  • Need more information ?

    We are here to answer your comments, questions, or to clarify any details of our services. Simply send us an email or use the form on our contact page.

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