Our Operations

We have decided to unify our businesses operations under our "Centerlink" brand.

Centerlink International Trade

Our international trade department focuses on import/export between China and Turkey. We always seek more opportunities between these 2 great countries. We also provide other companies to build healthy relationships between Turkey and China by providing trade support solutions.
What about other countries?
We are currently offering our services in limited regions. Please reach us at [email protected] for more information.

HR Solutions

Centerlink offers select elite services to our clients, which cover business development fields and HR management. We were well aware that non-metropolian sections of Turkey had no access to profesional services. This is why we start offering online services for the first time.
HR and Business Development
All our solutions are made for support departments. So, they are prepared and delivered from HR and/or business development sections. We rarely face with companies with no such departments. In this case we act as one.
Service Area
Our online services have no restriction. Traditional face to face delivery is limited to EMEA and Far East.

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