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Area of Expertise

Import and Export

Centerlink is well placed to thrive as a trade broker and importer using our market knowledge and network of contacts. In delivering all our services, we strive to achieve the optimal level of mutual benefit for suppliers, partners and clients alike.

Agricultural Raw Materials,
Metal Goods,

Inspection Services

Inspection services from Centerlink help to reduce risk and ensure quality and accuracy, as well as meeting regulatory requirements. We divided the inspection into 2 main areas to evaluate the business better (engineering and administrative).
Why Centerlink?
High integrity and personalized service.

Alternative Sources

Finding alternative sources for your business can be painful but it is strategically important. We offer this service only in Turkey and China.

Region limited: Turkey and China.


This service is offered for companies which do not have offices in either China or in Turkey. Centerlink will act behalf of your company in the preferred region.
We do know that the trade world is big and there are many requirements for each specific good. The requirements of the partnership may require additional expert to join our team.

Centerlink Business Solutions

HR Audit

HR Audit’s ultimate aim is to make your organization stronger. Centerlink’s audit system follows traditional HR audit while also providing up-to-date best practices. Click here for more info.

+1 Programme

Our genesis service is called '+1 programme'. We have created such a programme to make things happen for our clients. Click for more info.

Direct Support

Direct support offers a highly skilled individual to execute your routine tasks which need to be done on a part-time basis.
Please click for more info.

Here and Now

"Here and Now" is an HR and business development in-demand service that is created for fast response
For more please click for more info.

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